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Jessica Liu

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Jessica Liu is a filmmaker raised between Shanghai and the San Francisco Bay Area with a comedic, playful, and refreshing storytelling style. Her films focus on female desire and coming-of-age at any ages. Her debut feature "Ming & the Banana" is a Sundance Development Lab finalist and selected for the 2024 Rising Directors Fellowship with Alliance of Women Directors. She is a 2023 Frieze LA Film Award fellow, a Goldhouse Futures Creator and a highlighted comedic creator by Elizabeth Banks’ Whohaha. Her work has been supported by Ghetto Film School, Endeavor and selected for Oscar qualifying festivals - Cinequest, Dances with Films, and streaming on Prime Video.

Prom Time! Trailer from Jessica Liu on Vimeo.

"oRaNgEdReAmS" Trailer from Jessica Liu on Vimeo.

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