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Jane Clark

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Jane Clark
(323) 633-8193 phone

Jane is a storyteller. Through her company, FilmMcQueen, she has brought numerous shorts and 3 feature films to life, winning 18 awards and another 8 nominations by envisioning strong characters in visceral environments. She has worked in film with actors such as Lukas Haas, David Arquette, Candis Cayne, Wilson Cruz, Theo Rossi and Necar Zadigan, as well as Emmy-winning sound wizard,  Andy D'Addario (“Mozart in the Jungle”), Emmy award-winning DP Per Larsson (“The Amazing Race”) and composer Curt Smith (co-founder of Tears for Fears). Jane focuses on character exploration and tells stories that move audiences to laughter and tears by revealing shades of gray beneath a surface of black or white. In 2017 she ventured into VR with a narrative horror short based on her feature DON'T COME OVER, written with Guinevere Turner (AMERICAN PSYCHO and the upcoming MANSON GIRLS) and onto the small screen with a web-series incarnation of her CRAZY BITCHES franchise.

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