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Iggi Ogard

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Iggi Ogard

Director and editor Iggi Ogard combines a lovely magical realism and vivacious sense of visual humor, with a contemporary, international, and cool awareness to a wide range of projects, and produces work that can cover, cross over, and combine every genre with ease. She treats every project with a sense of professionalism and carefully calculated vision, creating innovative and visually stunning films, music videos, on-air promotions, commercials and more. Working with such diverse networks as BSkyB, Discovery, TBS, Nickelodeon, FX, and NBCUniversal to name a few.
She's also worked on several editing projects with actor/director Gary Oldman.
In 2017 she directed and edited the short film 'Beautiful Dead Things' which won prizes in Cannes, Toronto, Hilversum and Houston.
In 2020 she conceptualized, directed and edited a commercial for Stellar Moto Brand featuring Jesse Holmes from 'Eagles of Death Metal' that was nominated for best advert at the Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles.
In 2022 she directed and edited the Swedish short film 'A Real Adventure' which is just ready to be submitted to festivals.

Iggi Ogard Directing Reel (short version) from Iggi Ogard on Vimeo.

Stellar Moto Brand Cine Gear Film Series Finalist from Iggi Ogard on Vimeo.


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