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Gabriela Tollman is an award-winning writer-director whose films have played in festivals worldwide, including Palm Springs, Seattle, Cinequest, Cleveland, Mill Valley, Nashville, Sedona, and the Sundance Film Festival. Several of her films have aired on television networks, including HBO. Her first feature film, "Somebody's Mother," was released theatrically in October 2017 to rave reviews. According to the Los Angeles Times, "Somebody's Mother tackles a terrible loss and its aftermath with knowing empathy." "Somebody's Mother" is now available for streaming on Amazon, Itunes, and Google Play. Tollman recently directed the short film LOVELY, co-wrote a feature about writer Henry Miller and is attached to direct several features, including the award-winning screenplay titled APART. She recently shadowed Hanelle Culpepper on the show NOS4A2 for AMC. Tollman's dark-comedy pilot script, NASTY, was recently accepted to the Stowe Story Labs, highlighted by the Blacklist, a finalist for Screencraft and a second-rounder for The Sundance Episodic Lab.

Check out the trailer for SOMEBODY’S MOTHER here:

Check out some of Gabriela's short films here:

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