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Erin Brown Thomas

Versatile Assassins

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Erin Brown Thomas
(330) 283-8709 phone

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David Clark
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Erin Brown Thomas’s earliest memories involve laying in bed thinking about the expansiveness of the universe. Either it ends… or doesn’t… Both seemed equally crazy to her four year old brain. Shortly after she learned about the concept of war, her mother once found her cuddling with a globe in the middle of the night, praying for people around the world.

Fast forward to college where Erin’s pursuit of a reverent life was equally matched by her ever-expanding irreverent sense of humor. This awkward combination made her feel ill suited for a job within a church. Thus, while double majoring in theology and philosophy, Erin made her first film (starring her now-husband Jake). The experience awoke a dormant desire and opened her to the power of storytelling to change impact and influence culture.

Erin has since collaborated with heavyweight talent including Selena Gomez, Eminem, Tony Hale, Lena Dunham, Emmy Rossum, and; Elisabeth Moss and companies such as HBO and Netflix. Her films have received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, been curated by Vimeo, and won Juried awards in Oscar Qualifying Film Festivals. She was a 2019 participant in the DGA's esteemed Commercial Directors Diversity Program.

When not on set, Erin dangles from the air as an aerial acrobat. Her aerial-dance focused youtube channel has amassed 97k subscribers and over 14M views.

Rekindled - Broad Magical Realism Comedy

[subtext] - Surreal Romantic Dramedy

A Question of Service (Pilot) - Dramatic LGBTQ Thriller

But First... - Experimental Screendance

Feeling Flush - LGBTQ Dramedy

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