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Emily Lerer

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(513) 673-6470 phone

EMILY LERER is an award winning writer/director, a semifinalist for Oscar-qualifying Rhode Island Film Festival, quarter-finalist for both Final Draft Big Break and Oscar Qualifying Nashville Film Festival.

Her cervical cancer-focused dramedy, Punch Drunk, premiered at the Oscar-qualifying Hollyshorts. One of 11 directors chosen for the Alliance of Women Directors Directing the Actors Lab (taught by USC &UCLA Jennifer Warren), AFI Directing with Robert Spera, and Sundance Television Intensive.

She has worked for Shameless (Showtime), Twenties (BET), and Pretty Little Liars-Original Sin (HBO).

Her work encompasses unabashedly raw, gritty stories exploring the messiness of femininity from the perspective of a midwestern, Jewish woman.

Directing Reel

Punch Drunk Teaser

Other Half Trailer

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