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Emily Lerer

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(513) 673-6470 phone

Emily Lerer is a director, writer and post production manager with a background in theater telling stories from Shakespeare to new works. Her passion is storytelling that explores heavy subject matter with a gritty approach. Her post production experience spans Docuseries Wolves and Warriors (Animal Planet) Chef's Table (Netflix), and Scripted tv: Shameless (WB/Showtime), Twenties (BET), and Grey's Anatomy (ABC). Creator and co-writer of the film A Moment, "Most Original Concept" finalist at Oregon Short Film Festival toured 11 festivals internationally. Punch Drunk, a dark feminist drama is making the rounds at film festivals in 2021. Other Half: feature film proof of concept has been shot, and the feature film is in development. Emily is always looking for new collaborators and projects.

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