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Ebony Blanding

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Ebony Blanding is an award-winning writer/director from Atlanta, Ga whose work tells stories about Black girls and women who find themselves between worlds and identities. She explores the complexities and possibilities of Blackness and female relationships on screen through narrative, experimental and documentary film.

Meditating on Black folks living full lives, Blanding draws from her southern roots to create original interpretations of southern gothic tales, Black folklore and afro-futurism within grounded and supernatural settings. Navigating stories ranging from the historical fight for civil rights to girl adventures finding mermaids, Blanding has helmed branded content for Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, documentaries for major artists, and multiple award-winning short films, including Levitate Levitate Levitate, streamed at Atlanta International Airport. Her commissioned period piece, Georgia Voting Rights is playing in the state's capitol.

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