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Donna Bonilla Wheeler

Direct Contact
Donna Bonilla Wheeler
Los Angeles, CA

Legal Representation
Valentina Kudryavtseva, Esq
(310) 474-3044 phone
(310) 470-0532 fax
8730 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Donna Bonilla Wheeler is a Peruvian-Irish filmmaker and theatre director, of Inca descent. She writes and directs stories of underdog and non mainstream characters who possess extraordinary powers, talents, humanity, or insight.
     Donna’s current projects focus on female protagonists and stories, envisioned through a non-patriarchal lens.
     She is a multi-year fellow of Stowe Story Labs and Sidewalk Narrative Labs, a Gotham Market participant, a Producer-to-Watch at Cannes/MIPTV 2020-23, and an invited Creator to MIPTV with her Indigenous adventure/drama TV series. Donna is also an Alliance of Women Directors Board Member and Industry Support fellow, a Sundance Collab multi-year selected Workshop participant, a Fringe Festival director, and a Slamdance Screenwriting Lab fellow. 
     Her film works have placed with Nicholl Fellowships, Austin Film Festival, WorldFest Houston, Cinestory Foundation, Sedona Fest, Flickers Rhode Island Fest, as well as internationally with Ecocine, Ficmarc, Portoviejo, and SIMFEST. 
     Her mockumentary whodunit, Death of a Saleswoman sold at Berlinale, AFM, and Cannes markets, and streams on major platforms.

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