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Donna Kanter

Direct Contact
The Donna Kanter Company, Inc.
Donna Kanter
(818) 430-4370 phone
15941 Woodvale Road
Encino, CA 91436

Donna Kanter is writer-producer-director of 5 feature documentaries, shorts, 25 films for cable channels and their digital platforms, of four TV movies, and creator of the hybrid-realiy format with her series, FBI: The Untold Stories.
She has excelled in her mission to employ new filmmakers, four of whom she made eligible for membership in the guilds.
Two of her feature documentaries are:
LUNCH, featuring 12 comedy legends. THE PRESENCE OF THEIR ABSENCE follows a son of Holocaust survivors on a journey to trace his “inherited trauma”.
Friends for Life is a short based on a teenage photographer’s secret work while Italian priests hide him during WWII, and now expanded as a screenplay, A DANGEROUS ALLIANCE.
Donna earned honors as Treasurer of The TV Academy for creating its investment policy, as Writer Governor, and for forming contracts for independent filmmakers with the WGA.
A UC Berkeley graduate, she earned her M.A. in Romance Languages from the University of Florence. Raised in an atmosphere of comedy writers, Donna gravitated to investigative reporting as senior producer for David Brinkley.
Donna has won two Emmys, is member of the AFI's Directing Workshop for Women, of the WGA, DGA, and IDA. She is on the board of the Norman Lear Center at USC, and is executive of her father Hal Kanter’s vast archives for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


THE PRESENCE OF THEIR ABSENCE:  Password: conference updated OR: Password: Kanter2018




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