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Denise Van Cleave

Direct Contact
Denise Van Cleave
(818) 415-6370 phone
12 Ima Loa ct
Newport Beach, Ca 92663

Denise Van Cleave is an energetic Mexican American Director with over 20 years experience in multi-camera formats. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Denise graduated from Cal State Fullerton’s TV and Film program where she developed a passion for telling stories featuring strong female leads.

She began her career as a Production Intern, then quickly moved up to DGA Production Associate and was featured in DGA Quarterly magazine “On The Job.” Denise went on to gain further experience as a Stage Manager, Editor and Associate Director at ABC’S “General Hospital” before finally landing a coveted spot in the directing chair.

For the past three years, Denise has taken on all types of genres from high concept musical numbers, stunt sequences, drama to comedy while directing on the hit soap opera. She is a seven time Emmy award winner for Outstanding Directing Team and Multiple Camera Editing, as well as a DGA Award Winner for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Daytime Serials. In addition to her time behind the camera, Denise has recently focused her talents on writing in an effort to create content told from a diverse woman’s perspective.

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