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Delores M Flynn

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Delores M. Flynn
(313) 418-9158 phone

Delores M. Flynn, a graduate of Northwestern University, worked for 11 years as a journalist at the South Bend Tribune and The Detroit News, where she spent the bulk of her career covering education, city government, courts, and entertainment news.

It was the latter assignments that resonated the most with the Chicago native who has always been a storyteller at heart. At a young age she crafted stories with her grandmother, and in graduate school she pursued her love of cinema by learning the art of screenwriting.

After putting her writing aspirations on hold to raise a family, Flynn is making her mark in the film industry as a writer/director. She tells stories about women/children that shed light on complex relationship and raise awareness.

Her short films “The Color of Hate” (an interracial love story set hours before the 1967 Detroit riot), and “mama” (a tale about woman suffering from postpartum depression who leaves her family - streaming on Tubi), have been selected in multiple film festivals and earned 24 awards. She shot her latest short – “Why Me!?” about domestic violence awareness in 2021 with support from Haven, that helps victims and survivors. Flynn directed the project The Easy Path in 2022 produced by The Yunion, about a young man trying to get his life together with support from a man he robbed. It will be used in schools as part of a mentorship curriculum.

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