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Deborah Brock

Direct Contact
Deborah G Brock
(310) 709-9124 phone
611 S Palm Canyon Drive
Ste 7
Palm Springs, CA 92264

DG Brock is known for her dynamic female voice backed up by extensive production experience. Recently, DG finished her latest feature film as a Director, the dark dramedy, MONTANA AMAZON REDUX, starring Alison Brie and Olympia Dukakis in her last leading role. Her proof-of-concept short, PERFECT WOMEN, starring Ashley Clements from the Emmy-awarded, LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES, premiered at the 18th ReelHeart International Film Festival in Toronto and was nominated for "Best Short" and "Best Webisode." She is presently developing a half hour dramedy series based on PERFECT WOMEN as well as a documentary series pilot and fiction anthology pilot based on ROCK & ROLL NIGHTMARES, five books from Staci Layne Wilson's Excessive Nuance Books. Packaging and sales for TSHOW, her development and production company,l are provided by Ramo Law's President of Sales,Tiffany Boyle, and VP of TV Sales, Stu Arbury.
DG's past feature films, MISADVENTURES OF THE DUNDERHEADS and cult favorites, ROCK 'N' HIGH SCHOOL FOREVER, and SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II were distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment, New Horizons Pictures, and the Shout Factory, and have appeared on Comedy Central, Starz Entertainment, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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