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Danielle Gibson

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Danielle Gibson is an Afro Latina writer & director based in Los Angeles with an MFA in Film Directing from Chapman University ‘21. She received her undergraduate degree in Electronic Media and Film from Towson University. Currently, she works as the Administrative and Operations Specialist in California Institute of the Art’s School of Theater as well as a freelance director for webseries, short films & music videos. She specializes in highly stylized comedies & satires that visualize black girl magic through magical realism. She often explores political topics while making them light, fun, yet candid.

Previously Danielle has worked for the Woman and Minorities in Media Festival (WAMMFest), The Maryland Film Festival, and The American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and for Knight Takes King Productions LLC on their 6th season
of House of Cards, as their receptionist.

Her short film, Plan Bee screened at the Creative Minds Marketing Block at Festival de Cannes. She received the Leo Friedman Award from Chapman University to support her graduate thesis Red Velvet, which screened at The Pan African Film Festival, The American Black Film Festival, Black Harvest Film Festival, Latinos of Mixed Ancestry Film Festival (where it won the Theme Award), and The CAA Moebius Showcase. It is now available on American Airlines in-flight entertainment.

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