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Danielle Eliska

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MERAKI Society
Danielle Eliska

Danielle Eliska is an award-winning writer, filmmaker and photographer from Detroit. As a "black archivist", her life's work is to tell stories (written, filmed + photographed) of powerful women, the Black Diaspora + the state of Black culture. She's the founder and COC of multimedia production house, MERAKI Society.

Danielle Eliska was recently named one of the inaugural grant recipients of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment and New York Foundation for the Arts (MOME NYFA) ‘Made in NY’ Women’s Fund in Film.

Check out the full biography and work on

Shield Trailer (2019) from MERAKI society on Vimeo.

Female Protagonist: On Insecurities (photographic and moving image series) from MERAKI society on Vimeo.

The Smoke Break from MERAKI society on Vimeo.

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