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Cherrie McRae

Direct Contact
Cherrie McRae
(786) 356-9252 phone
PO BOX 81321
Conyers, GA 30013

Cherrie McRae, most call me 'Cher' native South Floridian, Georgia transplant who works in multi markets. My introduction to the creative arts began on a Collegiate level (Theatre) in 1999, then spun into Radio, TV Hosting, now Actor & Director. Why Creative Arts? Creativity saved me from a hard crumble in life. When I became a young adult single mother life simply wouldn't let up, so honing a craft as a means of a healthy escape was the unplanned plan.

Fast forward, I'm here to stay. The industry and the likes thereof are stuck with me. The vast number of stories that are yet untold, the collaborations that are still unformed, the purpose and positive alterations to an audience life is yet pending on the other side of these eyes. The world is most definitely my oyster and I am on a ferocious attack to chisel away at this huge iceberg of a Dream

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