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Chaun Pinkston

Direct Contact
Seedtime Productions, Inc.
Chaun Pinkston
(404) 769-7351 phone
4428 North Henry Blvd
Stockbridge, GA 30281

Chaun Pinkston is President and CEO of Seedtime Productions, Inc., a media arts entertainment company specializing in film, television and video production. Chaun is a native of South West Atlanta and has a passion for people and the Arts. As a content creator and director, Chaun's mission is to create original content that enlightens, inspires, and entertains.

Chaun is Founder and Chair of the Atlanta Branch of The Alliance of Women Directors. She offers over twenty years of business and industry-related experience gained through entrepreneurship. Chaun has a natural ability to inspire others through motivational speaking in the areas of business, leadership, ministry, and family.

Chaun's works include her first feature writing and directorial debut, The Cardinal Rule. Others are: Heartaches (Production), Momma TV Pilot (development), and Two Women (development).

Chaun earned a BA in Film and Media from Georgia State University, and is currently obtaining a Masters in English with a concentration in Screenwriting from Southern New Hampshire.

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