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Cashmere Jasmine

Direct Contact
EgoDeath Productions
Cashmere Jasmine Bryan
(917) 231-5855 phone
326 S Normandie Ave
Apt #109
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Cashmere Jasmine is a Writer-Director and Afro-Caribbean ex-finance girl born, raised, and homeschooled in South Florida. She’s a former theatre kid who got the degree with a focus in writing and her second degree in Political Theory. All of that somehow cumulated in a job coaching people through their investments after graduation till the recession left her doing Director’s Assistant and Bookkeeper for various production companies. There she learned about the filmmaking process. Even starting her own mixed media company after being diagnosed with End Stage Kidney Renal disease. While at these production companies, she produced two short films that went to festivals and garnered over 1.2 Million views. As someone who she writes and directs genre-bending media about women behaving badly whether breaking traditional expectations or dismissed as outsiders choose to make their way by any means necessary. She tells disability-inclusive queer stories featuring womxn behaving badly and unexpected anti-heroes you'll love to hate.

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