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Callie Bloem

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(310) 923-5341 phone

Callie Bloem is a writer, director and producer from Los Angeles. Once upon a time, she used to make music videos and get paid in pizza and free vinyl when that was still a financially responsible thing to do.

Since leaving the world of healthcare tech with exactly zero longing looks backward, Callie has produced and directed promos, commercials, short films and opening title sequences for clients that include Fox, Sega, Hulu, Paramount, Nickelodeon, Marvel and Hasbro.

Her first short film WRITTEN BY led by the amazing Jaz Sinclair (“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, Untitled "The Boys" Spinoff), Sara Paxton (“The Innkeepers”, “Last House on the Left”) and Katie Aselton (“Mack and Rita”, “The League”, “The Puffy Chair”) is currently making the fest rounds.

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