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Brenda Strong

Talent Agent
Frank Wulliger, Katy McCaffrey
(310) 205-5882 phone
9465 Wilshire Blvd
6th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Brenda Strong may be best known for her seminal acting and voice portrayal of "Mary Alice Young"on Desperate Housewives. Having appeared on (94) television series and (34) films over her career, (winning 2 SAG-AFTRA AWARDS and nominated for 2 EMMY AWARDS) she has been fortunate enough to work with some extraordinary directors, including DGA President Thomas Schlamme, Robert Altman, Mel Brooks, James Foley, Michael M. Robin, Bill D’Elia, Michael Morris, Millicent Shelton, Paul Verhoeven, Kathy Bates, Kevin Hooks and her directing mentor, Kevin Dowling.
What she has gained is first hand experiential knowledge of different approaches, visual styles, strengths, challenges, and a diverse pallet in how to collaborate at every level. It has been a master class 35 years in the making, and she's grateful for every experience.
Her multi award-winning, debut short film “#3 Normandy Lane,” about an army wife struggling with dissociative disorder, has been accepted into 21 Festivals, already garnering 12 Awards, including Best New Filmmaker.
She is currently prepping her feature debut with End Stop Star Entertainment, and is developing a series of books to empower women, both fiction and non-fiction.
As a women's advocate, teacher, and yogi she has something deeply personal and unique to offer as a director and storyteller. She is eager to learn and continue to contribute to this industry.  

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