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Bola Ogun

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Bola Ogun is an alum of the University of North Texas. She was selected for the AFI Directing Workshop for Women, the inaugural 2016 class for the Ryan Murphy’s Television HALF Mentorship Program, and Robert Rodriguez’s docuseries ‘Rebel Without A Crew.’

Ogun’s second short film “Are We Good Parents?” had its world premiere at South By Southwest screened at Outfest won AT&T Shape Film awards "Best Short" and "Best Emerging Filmmaker." The film stars Tracie Thoms (“Rent") and Sean Maguire ("Once Upon A Time”). Her first short film, “The Water Phoenix,” premiered at LA International Shorts Festival and screened at Citizen Jane Film Festival and Sci-Fi London. The film received a grant from California Institute of Contemporary Art Grant for completion.
Bola produced the Emmy campaign music video for “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and Vanity Fair’s viral video “Ladyboss.” She honed her filmmaking skills and knowledge by working in the production department on notable projects such as “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Neighbors,” “Battleship,” “True Detective,” and “Friday Night Lights.”

Ogun is based in Los Angeles and is a first-generation American.

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