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Anna Remus

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Anna Remus is a Minnesota-born and Los Angeles-based director and writer. She grew up in the wild, frigid landscapes of International Falls, America’s coldest city. After graduating from Harvard University, Anna worked on nationally-broadcast programs such as Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and Victoria; interviewed award-winning talent, including Benedict Cumberbatch and Alan Cumming; and managed visual storytelling projects for brands like Cigna, Ernst & Young, Pegasystems, and Sports Illustrated.

Anna was recently a Runner-Up in the ScriptED Writing Challenge at Sundance Film Festival, accepted into the LA Women’s Weekend Film Challenge, and awarded a place in the 2020 WIF Mentorship Program.

As a director, she roots for the underdog. She wants to tell stories of the unheard and rarely seen through the gateway of genre. As a kid in a small town, movies were her escape. Giving others the opportunity to live an adventure is her life’s purpose.

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