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Angela Cohen

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Angela Cohen
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Angela Cohen is a multi-talented, award winning writer/director who serves up an enigmatic blend of humor, heart, and intrigue. She’s produced films that have screened at the Sundance Film Festival, qualified for the Oscars, and her work as an actress includes legends Al Pacino and Ann Dowd. She holds a degree in Neuroscience from Emory University and synergizes her skill sets in virtual reality. Angela was selected by Google to direct a mind bending film in their inaugural JUMPSTART initiative. Notably, Angela is the producing director of GlowMedia films, a non-profit dedicated to boosting teen mental health literacy.

Angela’s comedy "Drive Thru Confessionals" premiered on Elizabeth Banks' WHOHAHA and her short doc "Unimaginable" premiered at the Oscar Qualifying St. Louis International Film Festival. Her haunting short narrative, "There Can Be Light," premiered at the Oscar Qualifying Hollyshorts Film Festival and was executive produced by Marci Wiseman, former president of Blumhouse TV. She presented TRANQUIL WATERS, her VR film with Grammy winning musicians from the Foo Fighters, at the IVRHA symposium and she’s an AWD Rising Director Fellow for her debut feature, NO GOOD CALLS COME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, recently announced in Variety.

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