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Angela Cohen

Charley Bear Productions Inc
Angela Cohen
(917) 434-3598 phone

Angela Cohen was handpicked to direct a mysterious thriller for Google's VR initiative, JUMPSTART. She shadowed David Gordon Green on the set of NBC's dramedy, There's Johnny, and Jason Ensler on Disney Plus’s Love Victor. She's been hired to direct both branded content and narrative film and tv, mostly notably for the GlowMedia project, a non-profit for teen mental health. She recently wrapped a dramedic limited series sponsored by the Lyme Disease association.

Angela's films have screened at the Sundance Film Festival, qualified for the Oscars, and her work as an actress includes legends Al Pacino and Ann Dowd. Her sardonic short, "Drive Thru Confessionals," released on Elizabeth Banks' WHOHAHA and her short documentary, Unimaginable, premiered at the Oscar Qualifying St. Louis International Film Festival. Angela line produced the Sundance NEXT nominee, Clara’s Ghost, which released on MGM. She founded Charley Bear Productions with a vision to create a shift in perspective igniting social change via female fronted stories.

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