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Ally May

Direct Contact
(707) 299-8427 phone
450 Lovall Valley Rd
Sonoma, Ca 95476

Writer-Director Ally May grew up in East San Jose, a poor neighborhood of low-riders and migrant workers. Seeing the world through the prism of that tough neighborhood and resilient community gave Ally an eye for finding the beauty in tragedy and the humor in struggle.
Ally attended the UCLA Writing Program, the Academy of Film Writing, SF Film School, the Directing Actors Workshops and Sundance Directing Program.
She has written several award-winning screenplays that have been finalists in Athena, Page, Final Draft and others.
Ally has also directed 4 short films which have placed in many notable film festivals including - Catalina Film Festival, Oscar qualifying Flicker Rhode Island International Film Fest and recently she won Best Narrative Short in the Toronto International Women Film Festival and Best Director in Female Feedback Film Festival.
Ally is a visual writer and director who abhors exposition. She writes emotional thrillers and drama features, filled with mood and tone and messy female protagonists. And she strives to create visually beautiful, emotionally haunting, deeply disturbing stories that stay with the audience long after they've put down the pages or left the theater.

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