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Alexa Polar

Butterfly Angel Entertainment
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Alexa Polar is currently filming The Blackstone, a psychological thriller horror feature length film that she wrote as well. Ms. Polar is the co-founder of Female Filmmakers Fuse a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization that provides a platform for female filmmakers. Female Filmmakers Fuse was recently featured in Voyage LA digital magazine's Hidden Gem series. Ms. Polar's musical short film, Speakeasy to Me was awarded the Gold Award at the California Film Awards. Ms. Polar was born in Lima, Peru; and was raised from Long Beach, California since she was 7 months old. She served a brief but memorable term in the United States Army Reserve. Ms. Polar has directed product promos, live events, and various genres of short films; including documentaries. The Blackstone is her feature length debut, she will next be directing a drama feature entitled R Culture. She gears more towards projects that have strong messages.

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