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ADRIANE ADLER has directed a diverse slate of shows from daytime and late night talk to culinary, news and drama broadcasts. She directed Sony Pictures Television's THE MEL ROBBINS SHOW, a syndicated daily talk show airing through fall 2020. She teamed up with the renowned motivational speaker/author, Robbins, as she engaged her audience through various unique demos all across her studio set and audience.

Previously, Adler spent four years directing Food Network's hit, THE KITCHEN, where she garnered Best Director Emmy nominations (2018, 2019.) A culinary talk show with four hosts, along with celebrity guests, the show is shot on indoor and outdoor sets, and includes a variety of demos, games, performances and contests.

In 2018, Adler was also tapped to launch and direct Facebook's AFTER AFTER PARTY, a single season late night talk show shot on location in a Manhattan loft. Host/comedienne Sonia Denis welcomed celebs, comedians and party guests to join her in discussing the topics of the day and to engage in various games.

Entering the tragicomedy genre, Adler directed the line cut for several episodes of Louis C.K.'s drama, HORACE AND PETE, in 2016. The cast included Alan Alda, Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco and Jessica Lange and earned a Peabody Award. Adler has also directed news specials for PBS, including AMERICA AFTER CHARLESTON, hosted by the late Gwen Ifill.

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