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Laura DeBar

Direct Contact
Laura DeBar
Durham, North Carolina 27704

Laura was born and raised in the Washington D.C area. During high school and college she was part of the Castaways Repertory Theater in Northern Virginia.

Beginning with photography, mostly in the documentary medium, she later began filming documentaries for various nonprofits after serving two years with AmeriCorps. She made her first narrative film in 2010- a historical fiction western set in 1945 inspired by the ghost towns she photographed for years throughout the Pacific Northwest.

She writes feature screenplays and pilots that are mostly about dysfunctional and found families- cerebral comedy and drama. Her writing is inspired by social issues and old movies and often tells the story from the perspective of the underdog with hopes and dreams, desires and desperation. Her background is in social work, teaching, acting, directing and writing.

She's directed 3 short narrative films that won awards at festivals including Vancouver International Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Austin Film Festival and won the Best Director award from the Oregon Arts Council. Her work has won numerous grants and fellowships from the NC Arts Council.

Laura hopes to one day direct one of her feature screenplays that have placed in Austin, Nicholl, ScreenCraft and WeScreenplay Diverse Voices.

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