Fellows announced for AWD’s Black Directors Advancement Initiative

AWD’s Black Directors Advancement Initiative (BDAI) was formed to help eliminate barriers to entry that have systematically hindered equal advancement for our Black directors. 

BDAI is comprised of:

  • A Mentoring Program for participating AWD members in the form of a one-to-one relationship between an Industry Mentor and AWD Director for a specified duration of time. 
  • Panels, workshops, and conversations open to all Black AWD Directors (not just those in the Mentoring Program).

AWD Directors selected for this year’s BDAI program are:

Tracey Anarella, Kay Barnes, Cherese Bereal, Emily Blake, Traci Carter Holsey, Asha Chai-Chang, Angela M. Gordon, Tirsa Hacksaw, Rebekah Henderson, Jasmine Jewet, Jan Johnson Goldberger, Wanjiru Njendu, Zoana Price, Felicia Pride, Melisa Resch, Joenique C. Rose, Tequoia Urbina, Renée Wilson.

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