Executive Director

AnnaLea Arnold

AnnaLea Arnold is a Founding Partner of WeForShe, a women’s advocacy group that finds practical ways to bring about a gender-balanced landscape in television. Through its two flagship programs (the WriteHer List and the DirectHer Program) it gives industry content creators and decision makers the tools they need to increase the number of women working in entertainment. These programs have resulted in women writers and directors finding new representation, getting staffed, having projects put into development, and booking their first episodic directing jobs.


AnnaLea's corporate consulting focused on supporting senior management teams at Fortune 500 companies while at Talk to Jess, LLC. Arnold was part of developing strategic initiatives for global entertainment, retail, toy manufacturer, pharmaceutical, and personal care brands on a wide range of issues including representation, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Arnold earned her Bachelor of Performing Arts from Emerson College and Master of Science in Social Entrepreneurship from USC Marshall.