DECEMBER Member News

Rachel Annette Helson

THE ENGAGEMENT DRESS, a rom com feature film directed by Rachel Annette Helson, was released on November 10th as a TUBI Original.

LOGLINE: “When Claudia gets to wear the lucky dress that has led to all her friends’ marriages, she realizes she has searched for love in all the wrong places.”


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Angela Cohen

Girl at a Bar, directed by Angela Cohen, won Best Web Series at DTLA. Logline: A young woman journeys to bars alone once a week for a year to reclaim her identity after half a decade debilitated with Lyme disease.

Additionally, prepare to be moved and inspired by a groundbreaking collaboration between The GlowMedia Project, Charley Bear Productions, and musicians Rami Jaffee and Jessy Greene. Intended to work in tandem with the GlowMedia Project’s library of films, this VR experience, directed by Angela, will be a cutting edge resource to improve mental wellness. The project will be revealed at the 8th Annual IVRHA Symposium in February 2024.

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