#MentorLatinaDirectors Initiative

The AWD #MentorLatinaDirectors Initiative is a mentor/mentee program for current AWD members who are Latina/x/e-identifying. The program is designed to foster meaningful relationships and focus on career growth, enrichment and development with industry creatives.

The program consists of:
·    Meetings between Mentor/Mentees, to guide and advise Fellows’ career  development in specified areas of their interest(s) 
·    Industry networking opportunities, community-building activities, and regular meetings among each cycle’s Fellows
·    Education, training, and artistic growth through scheduled salons and workshops

Current #MLD Fellows

Fellows (left to right in photo) include: Melissa BalintEvelyn BelascoMaria Gabriela CardenasMarissa ChibásSophia CostanzoFiorella Vescovi GarciaSaray GuidettiBettina HannaSilvia LaraEunice LevisGabriela Revilla LugoPaulina ManseauLuisa NovoMarcella OchoaGabriela PacielJP PerezJessica RaeMichelle SalcedoSacha SmithAnn ValdésMaria ValdezEvette VargasDonna Bonilla Wheeler 

Participate in the AWD #MentorLatinaDirectors Initiative

Industry creatives who would like to participate as a mentor, please contact Donna Wheeler (Chair; #MentorLatinaDirectors Initiative).