Peer-to-Peer Shadowing Program

Pay it forward! In our Peer-to-Peer Shadowing (formerly named In-House Shadowing) Program, AWD participants are connected with more established AWD directors to shadow on films, commercials, music videos, or web series. Shadows can follow through pre-production, shooting, or post (per Shadowees availability). Additionally, Peer-to-Peer Shadowing directors participate in bi-monthly workshops to learn more about the craft and business of directing.

Interested in being a shadow?

Submissions are currently closed.

Interested in having a shadow?

There is no extra time commitment required when you have a shadow. You just contact us when a director can join you on set, or in pre- or post-production, and we pair you with someone great who becomes a fly on the wall for a day with you. *Please do not email requesting to be a shadow. See above for how to apply.

What AWD directors are saying about the program:

“I was happy to have a shadow on my most recent film Rust Creek.  It’s important to me to make sure that I’m giving back to other women whenever I have the opportunity to do so.  We’re all trying to get ahead and it’s easy to forget about those trying to get where we are.  But we all have something to share.” – Jen McGowan

“Don’t underestimate peer to peer shadowing – we all have different skills to share. Whether you’re giving an introductory peek into the industry or kicking a door wide open for your shadow to step through, shadowing makes our network of competent women stronger. I would have been equally interested to shadow my shadow – it’s fascinating to learn from different approaches. Spending a day with my shadow inspired me to want to help her more.” – Kathleen Davison

“I’m a firm believer that shadowing working directors will move the needle forward and raise us all up together. There are so many facets and variables to directing. Getting to jump from set to set and learn new ways, techniques, systems, work-flow, crews, equipment, genres, budget levels, builds a confidence and a larger director’s toolbox. And these tricks of the trade can then be applied to directing gigs moving forward.” – Rainy Kerwin

2020 AWD Peer-to-Peer Shadowing Program Participants

2019 AWD Peer-to-Peer Shadowing Program Participants

Inaugural 2018 AWD Peer-to-Peer Shadowing Program Participants