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Donna Bonilla Wheeler

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Donna Bonilla Wheeler
Los Angeles, CA

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Valentina Kudryavtseva, Esq
(310) 474-3044 phone
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8730 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Donna is a narrative film director, writer, and activist, and multi-disciplinary artist. Her focus is on female characters with heroic or unusual gifts, humanity or insights. She gives voice to Latine and Indigenous stories with projects in Nicholl SFs, Gotham, Slamdance, and Austin selects, among others.

“I like exploring traditional American ideals, like rugged individualism and isolationism, versus the healing that comes from community, belonging, and inclusiveness; traditions associated with Indigenous tribal peoples.”

Donna develops her work with support from Sundance Collab, FS2P Film Lab, Stowe Story Labs, Reel Sisters / BRIC, CA Center for Cultural Innovation, PageCraft, and Fractured Atlas.

Her comedy mockumentary, Death of a Saleswoman, is a satire on cultural silencing and repression of high-achieving women, selling at Cannes, Berlinale, and AFM, and streaming on U.S. and international platforms.

Her aspirational short film, The Girl Next Door, about a voiceless harmonica virtuoso, explores success-bound women vs family, further examining individualism alongside dynamics of community. It’s screened at 58+ international and U.S. festivals, and she's in development on the feature version.

Donna actively supports fellow female directors. She founded and leads the #MentorLatinaDirectors Initiative and Fellowship through Alliance of Women Directors.

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