AWD Presents the Fellows for 2024’s Directing the Actor Lab

Taught by AWD Founder and USC Professor JENNIFER WARREN, AWD’s Directing the Actor Lab is a sought after annual program. Selected from an impressive pool of applicants, the participating Directors meet for monthly sessions to enhance their skills of working with actors. They study in-depth scene breakdowns, review rehearsal exercises and techniques, and practice how to give actors playable direction and adjustments. Each Director rehearses a scene in class for feedback and then films the scene to be shared with an invited industry guest during the last session. 

“Once again, I am excited to announce the lineup for the 2024 Directing the Actor Lab season. This list looks eclectic and diverse, filled with directors who are beginning to be noticed by the industry–which always pleases me.

I look forward to passing along new ways to analyse screenplays and new methods of breaking down each individual scene so that the shape of the whole screenplay becomes evident to the director. Each director’s foremost tool is the ability to clearly understand the screenplay so that they can talk about the story and feel confident in their approach. I hope to help every one of you add a new tool to your directing toolbox.” — Jennifer Warren

AWD is pleased to present the Fellows for our 2024 Directing the Actor Lab (left to right): 
Maeyen Bassey, Mikaela Bruce, Christianna Carmine, Anna Chi, Whitney Clinkscales, Kelsey Fordham, Justine Raczkiewicz, Sacha Smith, Alla Volkova. Keep an eye out for these talented Directors!

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