AWD Partners with Seed&Spark for Virtual Series

In our ongoing collaboration with Seed&Spark, AWD is excited to be sponsoring a hand-curated virtual series of 6 Creator Events. 

WHEN: The second Monday of every month at 3pm PST, starting Monday, April 12. 
HOW: Register using the links below
WHY: By September you’ll be a crowdfunding whiz and will gain valuable knowledge and tools for independence to help you make your own dreams come true on your terms! 

ABOUT S&S: With an 80% campaign success rate, Seed&Spark is the only crowdfunding platform created for filmmakers, by filmmakers, and they’re the only platform dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in entertainment at every level. Seed&Spark provides honest and engaging workshops full of actionable, career-boosting advice with top notch festivals, events, and organizations. 

April 12th – Crowdfunding To Build Independence

Seed&Spark’s cornerstone class clearly lays out the steps toward a successful crowdfunding campaign, as well as a career-long action plan most likely to create a lasting, flourishing, direct relationship with an audience. Attendees learn how to find your audience, structure your crowdfunding campaign, pick the right goal and incentives, and much more. 

May 10th – Outstanding Crowdfunding Outreach

The next step after the Crowdfunding to Build Independence workshop. Make the invitation to your project irresistible for existing audiences and new ones alike. We’ll teach you how to approach marketing as pre-production, from leveraging your existing network to the best ways to reach your target audience via social media, email, and more. 

June 14th – Stretch That Buck: Film Budgeting 101

How much should you crowdfund for? The answer may surprise you: as much as you need to move your project forward! In this workshop, we’ll teach you how to build a budget, utilize loans to make up your budget (conceptually as well as literally), navigate the ask, break down your script, and get creative with ways to cut costs without sacrificing your vision.

July 12th – The Art of the Pitch

Knowing how to convey the specifics about your creative project in a dynamic, succinct way can land you not only investors, but also collaborators, audience members, and more. Skills learned in this workshop include: how to prepare for a pitch meeting, adapt a pitch to different audiences, and then follow up for a bright future. 

August 9th – The Art of the Pitch Video (Links and additional info to follow in the coming months)

September 13 – Social Media for Crowdfunding (Links and additional info to follow in the coming months)

In addition, every AWD member can always book a 1:1 consultation for their current or upcoming campaigns. Check your inboxes for the sign up link!

For more information reach out to Sarah Bullion.

See you there! 

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