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Tomeka M. Winborne is a writer/director who passionately loves to create stories that invoke conversations. “My mission as an African American female filmmaker is to bring stories to the screen that embody the experiences and voices of people of color that are devoid in television and film,” says Tomeka.

In 2009, she wrote and directed her first short film, "PASS ME BY." Since then, she has directed two commercials, one PSA and three additional short films that center around social issues.

In 2014, Tomeka was commissioned to co-produce a feature documentary entitled, “IN PLAIN SIGHT: HUMAN TRAFFICKING” for Cox Creative.
Tomeka’s short film “AGED OUT” was screened at the “CineOdyssey Film Festival” and the “BronzeLens Film Festival.” She has also screened “AGED OUT” as a fundraiser for Becoming Families, a foster care nonprofit. In October, the Newport News Department of Social Services will screen AGED OUT at their “AGED OUT: Who’s Got Your Back?” foster care awareness event.

This Fall, Tomeka will direct a short historical documentary, “THE ABERDEEN GARDENS 158 BUILT BY US FOR US” produced by Unity Corner Stone Foundation and The Aberdeen Foundation.
Tomeka hosts a podcast “TEA TALKS WITH TOMEKA”, focused on the journeys and projects of women filmmakers.

Tomeka serves as Chair of AWD's BDAI (Black Director's Initiative) and Co-Chair of AWD South.

Aged Out (Short Film) from tomekawinborne on Vimeo.


Director's Reel 2018 - Tomeka M. Winborne from Tomeka M. Winborne on Vimeo.