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Tina Quach

Tina (T. L.) Quach is an independent filmmaker now based in Los Angeles after studying Film Studies at UC Berkeley and working in production on major TV and Films in New York City. She has dedicated her life to entertain, inspire, and educate about the complexity of human behavior through filmmaking. Hence, her main focus is in writing and directing Psychological Thriller films.

Her short films had exhibited in a number of film festivals including the New York Asian American International Film Festival, Milwaukee Short Film Festival, Seattle Asian American Film Festival and the Pasadena Film Festival. They were featured in articles by the Milwaukee Independent and International Examiner in Seattle. Because of her work, Quach is now a member of the Alliance of Women Directors.

She is in the process of producing her first screenplay, Crave, into a feature film. Crave is a psychological horror film about Stockholm Syndrome, drawing influences from Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca and Zhang Yimou's Raise the Red Lantern. The screenplay was a Semifinalist for Scriptapalooza 2019, Quarterfinalist for ScreenCraft Spring 2019 Competition, and a Quarterfinalist for Final Draft's Big Break Screenplay Competition 2019.

T. L. Quach's Director Reel from T. L. Quach on Vimeo.