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Thresa Richardson

Tequila Mockingbird Productions
Thresa Richardson

A multi-hyphenated, slightly caffeinated lover of words.

Her children’s chapter books (written as T. Katz published by the now defunct Windstorm Creative) are being adapted into screenplays. Her first, DOuG has received festival laurels and approval. On the opposite end of the spectrum are Angie, Baby (Horror) and Intertwining Journeys (based on a true story of pediatric cancer).

Drive-Time Radio Personality Afternoon T. on KHTS 1220 she wrote an advice column by the same name.

Crafting a book trailer in ‘06 pushed her to make her first short film Strayed. A true teen story about when her Maternal Unit insisted on an elaborate funeral for a stray cat. Nearly word-for-word except for the fantasy ending (no humans were harmed in the making of this film). This made way for the next 50 years of storytelling and the creation of Tequila Mockingbird Productions.

Azteca Dietica (SHORT) Writer/Director
I Spy a Foodie (SHORT) Writer/Director
Patron Saint (Pilot) Writer/Director
1990 (MUSIC VIDEO) Director

Her acting endeavors merely supplement her creative career behind-the-camera/computer.

*Nobody has ever told a man they couldn’t be a writer-actor-producer-director. She intends to work until she’s 100 wearing ALL the hats.