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Stacy Singh

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Scene manipulator. Composition gangster, and abhorrently addictive storyteller.

Stacy Singh is a narrative film and commercial director. With a brave conviction to allow actors to uncover their most earnest performance, she often flips their emotional state from the intended genre. Stacy Singh’s muse as a filmmaker is illustrating ways for audiences to question their moral compass. Her drive is to inspire story telling that not only resonates but echoes in the subconscious mind of the viewer.

Before moving to Los Angeles, she taught film studies at Southwestern IL College while directing a number of film projects. Her knowledge of film composition, leadership, scene manipulation, and camera tech is a perfect match for pinpointing interesting ideas and showcasing them in relatable ways.
"When I moved to LA, I started taking acting classes as well as producing original content for actor's demo reels. One of the actors told me, "it was their best work on camera", and I knew this is something I needed like to pursue." Studying performance along with developing a unique eye for cinematography is the trajectory that she's been on since.

Motivation: Momentum, paintings, Sofia Coppola’s courage, Christopher Nolan intellect, Jared Leto’s drive, Sam Levinson’s boldness, freedom, openness to new ideas while focusing on my own vision - especially without others’ disapproval