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Soudabeh Moradian is an Iranian- American filmmaker. Her movies are mainly based on social issues, women and psychological impacts of war, such as "Polaris", "Doomsday Machine", ”Story Of The Land On Ashes", "Mahin” and “The Mermaid”. A number of Moradian's movies have been showcased in several film festivals around the world and won awards, such as Hamburg (Germany), Dresden (Germany), Ebenezer (Austria), Borne (Czech Republic), Madrid (Spain), DOCSDF (Mexico), Barcelona Planet film festival (Spain), Roma Cinemadoc (Italy), Spotlight Documentary Award (USA), Sydney World Film festival (Australia), Lisbon film festival (Portugal), Document 7-human rights film festival (Scotland), and California Women film festival. She holds an MFA in film/video from CalArts is currently an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University, New York.