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Shandrea Evans

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Shandrea Evans is an LA-based writer-director, always repping Augusta, GA. She intentionally uses her work to explore the nuances, heart, and humor of marginalized folk—particularly black women. Her storytelling subverts stereotypes by reclaiming narratives and humanity, focusing on questions of community, identity, and class. No matter the medium, the through-line in everything she creates is unapologetic audacity. With a cynically optimistic POV, Shandrea's sweet spot is character-driven dramedy. She enjoys using her cheeky, irreverent tone to follow quirky misfits who struggle to come into their own. Shandrea has directed several projects, including short films, web series, and commercials.

In 2019, Shandrea was selected as a shadowing director on Season 4 of HBO's Insecure. She was a 2020 Women in Film INSIGHT Fellow and a mentee in the 2021 #Startwith8Hollywood program under Maggie Kiley and Numa Perrier. Her award-winning short film, PREPARED, completed a successful festival run and was featured by Free the Work. Shandrea is the recipient of the fall 2021 Film Impact Georgia Grant, which helped her complete production for Bloom, a short she wrote and directed in her hometown. She is currently in post-production on Bloom and in development on 2 original pilots that follow women in the thick of messily “coming-of-age” at various points of their lives.