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Robyn Flanery

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Robyn Flanery
(504) 812-0383 phone
1205 St. Charles Avenue
apt 911
new orleans, Louisiana 70130

Robyn Flanery is an award-winning director and producer, specializing in documentary series with call to action and empathy-based productions. With a passion for storytelling that motivates positive change, Robyn has built a reputation for creating emotionally impactful and thought-provoking films.
As a member of the Alliance of Women Directors, Robyn is committed to promoting gender equity in the film industry and creating opportunities for underrepresented voices. Her films have been screened at prestigious festivals and she is Cannes accredited. Robyn and Get it Girl! Production have received critical acclaim for their unique perspective and gripping narratives.
In addition to her documentary work, Robyn is also skilled in the development of film projects from inception to distribution. Her ability to balance creativity with practicality has earned her a reputation as a producer who can deliver both artistic and commercial success.
Robyn is working on a degree in film production from University of New Orleans and has worked with major networks and production companies. She is known for her dedication to social issues and her ability to use film to inspire change. Her latest documentary series, Broken Worlds: The Island received critical acclaim for its ability to showcase the human side of a complex issue while also motivating viewers to take action.
Robyn Flanery