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Renata Mellão

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Renata Mellão
(310) 463-3556 phone
225 S Barrington Ave, Apt. 2
Los Angeles, CA 90049

I've wanted to tell stories for as long as I can remember while growing up in Brazil, then later studying in Europe and the US. They're how we learn as humans, how we understand life, how we expand our horizons and possibilities. I write original scripts, sketch storyboards, photograph, compose music and direct short films together with my partner in life and work, Lucio Gallo (cinematographer/director/producer).

My first professional film to be featured in festivals is "Alexis", a 27-minute short based on an original feature-length screenplay I wrote while attending UCLA's Professional Program in Screenwriting. As with most of my work, it centers on a woman questioning her sense of identity and reality. Although many of us now have more freedoms and choices than ever, it doesn't necessarily translate into us being much wiser or happier. There seems to be something beyond these things––a deeper level of being––waiting to come to the surface. To me, that's at the core of any intriguing story, and what I hope to bring to all my projects.

Currently I'm reworking the "Alexis" feature script, as well as a thriller/love story set on a sailboat called "Voyagers", another female-driven feature about facing the unknown and discovering who we really are.