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I am a South Asian woman, a daughter of immigrants from India, a survivor of domestic violence from a previous relationship but now a lucky wife to a Latino Army Ranger War Veteran, a mother of two, and I have lived with the disability of being hard-of-hearing since I was 6 months old. I feel it important to mention these identifiers because they each make me a part of wildly different yet profound communities and have provided me a depth of lived experiences that have shaped my creative process as a storyteller through the craft of filmmaking. My cultural background as a South Asian born and raised in the US to immigrant parents has given me a unique perspective on stories within my diaspora that are grounded in being human rather than being South Asian; my lived experience as a survivor empowers me to tell stories that expose culturally taboo topics of mental illness; being a mother of two allows me to direct performances with nurturing care; and being someone with a disability empowers me to push for greater representation on screen of folks like me who are just as human. I’ve been fortunate to get the intense training at American Film Institute Conservatory as a Directing Fellow which I complete this May 2023, upon which I will officially have my MFA in Film, Directing.