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Katie Pyne

(310) 356-9909 phone
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Katie Pyne is a filmmaker crafting character-driven narratives that are both transportive, and revealing about human nature. She connects people by telling impactful true stories on film that foster empathy and understanding across cultural, gender and geographical barriers.

Much of Katie's directorial work includes commercial content for top auto, entertainment and lifestyle brands. In 2017–2018 she directed and conceptualized the award-winning "Young Entrepreneurs" docuseries for Hyundai, illustrating success by tapping into viewers’ underlying desires to make a positive impact on the world.

She got her start producing news and culture-related docs for CNN Presents, and CNN In America with Soledad O’Brien. This includes her Peabody-Award winning coverage of the Gulf Oil Disaster in New Orleans. She went on to become a network Producer at Discovery Science Channel, where she helped oversee the production of long form TV series and specials, including "Prophets Of Science Fiction With Ridley Scott" and "The Unexplained Files."

Right now Katie is excited about exploring different genres to offer a fresh take on portraying real life events. She applies her unique perspective and storytelling style in all her work as a director, writer and creative producer.