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Prarthana (PJ) Joshi

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PJ Joshi
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Los Angeles, CA 91601

Prarthana Joshi also known as PJ was born and raised in India. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Pune University. Her fascination for the stories the buildings and spaces narrated, led her towards her filmmaking career. She started working as an assistant director in independent features and short films in India. “Vihir”, The Well directed by Umesh Kulkarni was screened and appreciated in several festivals worldwide including the Berlin festival and International Film Festival Rotterdam. Her first short film she directed, ‘Vaatsaru’, The Rolling Stone, was screened at the International film festival of India. She was awarded a fellowship from the National Film Archives of India for her research documentary on Prabhat film company (a veteran film studios founded in 1929).

She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her masters degree in filmmaking and continues to produce and design for films. She has directed bunch of shorts that have screened all around the world. Her short film The he learn'd to fly secured distribution and was televised on the Network NDTV imagine. She continues to pursue her career as a director and also works as a line producer / creative producer collaborating with other directors.

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