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Nikki Braendlin

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Nikki Braendlin

Nikki Braendlin wrote and directed the feature film AS HIGH AS THE SKY, which was released by Cinema Libre Studio after garnering strong reviews and several festival awards. She is currently in development with producers Karen Tenkhoff and Lisa Barrett McGuire on her second feature, BALLOONS. The dramedy is centered around a reclusive meter maid’s reluctant friendship with two endearing misfits, a relationship that ultimately forces him to confront his obsession with death and the guilt that accompanies it.

Nikki is co-authoring the memoir of an Arizona police officer who, despite threats to his life, resistance from his superiors, and the toll it took on his mental health, spent decades working undercover to dismantle organized white supremacist groups. Additionally she is working with Eleonore Dailly on a documentary about Bunny Yeager and her influence on the female gaze. Nikki also recently adapted the New York Times' best-selling memoir FAST GIRL, based on the life of Olympian turned high-end escort turned mental health advocate Suzy Favor Hamilton.

Nikki serves on the Board of Directors for Alliance of Women Directors and is a member of Film Fatales and Glass Elevator.