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Nanea Miyata
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Writer/Director Nanea Miyata is a Japanese-Hawaiian woman from a family partially molded by her severely handicapped older sister. Her upbringing has shaped her voice and the stories she wants to tell, believing that tolerance and understanding and connectivity can change the world. Thus, a sharing of less-heard and under-represented voices in media and story are at the foundation of her creative motivation.

In 2015, Nanea founded her own production company, June Street Studios, and started writing/creating full time. Since then, she has written/directed/produced numerous commercials (for major brands such as Ford, Honda and Mattel™), award-winning short films and music videos, and in 2018 completed and sold her first feature-length film “Christmas Harmony”, a holiday musical romance that she wrote and directed, to Lifetime™.

When her newest holiday feature production slated for March 2020 was halted due to the pandemic, Nanea wrote a new feature contained to a 5-person cast and 7-person crew that takes place in one location - "Dead In The Water". She directed and co-produced the female thriller while quarantining with cast and crew.

Nanea has several other feature scripts of the rom com variety, an animated feature screenplay, and a couple of television projects, including a music series that blurs the lines between reality and scripted, and a supernatural teenage drama.

NANEA MIYATA | Director Reel from Nanea Miyata on Vimeo.