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I tell stories. I watch people. I root for the underdog. I am the underdog. Born & bred in the borough of Queens, NY - the suburb where Prince Hakeem traveled to find his queen, where Run DMC rocked the block, where LL Cool J couldn’t survive w/out his radio, led by the people’s instinctive travels & paths of rhythm, in the city that never sleeps - that New York. A place that demanded, that like a rose from concrete, I rise up
to build something from nothing. To take random thoughts, random images and weave the common thread. My films weave the common thread.
‘It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up! magazine, then I went and enrolled at Howard University.’ - Puffy
At Howard the threads of my experiences spread wide like a web, taking class under Haile Gerima, sitting at the feet of Maya Angelou, interning for Def Jam, hanging out w/Marlon Wayans, pledging Zeta Phi Beta, picking up my first video camera, volunteering at WHBC, planning THE Howard University Homecoming - all on the way to my B.A. in radio/television/film.
Over the years, I've traveled the world documenting music and sports, doing live events, traveling with the circus and today, I find myself dressing the stars on TV & film sets. But this is not where my story ends, indeed, my journey has just begun.
“From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere!”
― Dr. Seuss