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Monique Carmona

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(310) 592-5880 phone

With a Puerto Rican father, a British mother, and a rich, diverse, complicated upbringing, Monique tells complex, compelling and dynamic stories, aiming to consistently examine the anti hero and expand the essential female narrative.

Having a background as a playwright, author, and actress, Monique combines experience from each medium and craft, aiming to stay close to the heart of every projects she creates and collaborates on.

Always seeking themes of empathy, humanity and interconnectedness through the strange, beautiful and viceral way life informs and awakens us.

Mentored by Veteran writer David Milch.
Schooled by life.
Trusting that how I see it matters and makes a difference.
Humbly and ferociously following unforgettable characters to the stories that yearn to be told.